They Find Dumped And Heavily Pregnant Dog, As She Gives Birth to „Cow Babies”

This is the story of Rosie, a Golden Retriever, heavily pregnant dumped on the streets in cold winter by a cruel owner. She was found by volunteers and arrived at the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue. Katie and John Black, the shelter owners immediately began taking care of the poor homeless dog.

The staff assisted hundreds of pregnant dogs in the past, but this time, with Rosie it was completely different. They were in for a big surprise.

Rosie gave birth to 4 health pups but they looked nothing like her. The mama dog was gold-coated but the puppies were black and white with brown spots on their fur. They looked exactly like little baby cows.

The staff were given cow names for the 4 puppies: Betsy, Clarabelle, Daisy, and Moo.
It is normal for cross-breeding to lead to striking differences in colors and features of the puppies, but in this case, the differences were remarkable between Rosie and her pups.

That didn’t affect the relationship between Rosie and her 4 little „bay cows”. She loves them very very much, she is a very good and well-behaved mommy.

Luckily Rosie and all her babies have been adopted by kind people and they now live in loving homes.

We need to thank Katie and John and all staff members for their efforts: for saving Rosie from the streets, help her give birth, and finding them the best homes possible.

Watch the video below to see Rosie and her „cow babies” :

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