They were diving when they found a huge anaconda underwater!

Images of this 7-meter-long Anaconda have gone viral after they were made public. Many individuals were captivated and astounded by them. But the story behind the images is even more incredible.

Mato Grosso makes dives and made an expedition whose purpose was to find this giant snake and document it. He, together with Franco Banfi and Daniel De Granville, dove into the treacherous waters, where they discovered that these anaconda snakes were celebrating their centennial. But, at one time, he had the life-changing experience of coming face to face with the giant he was seeking for…

Fortunately for Banfi, the anaconda ignored him, especially as he had previously consumed a large number of rats. But Banfi defended the snake, claiming that the snake would not have eaten him anyway. Granville further stated that anaconda snakes are quite shy, especially around humans. These people who have seen with their own eyes the great giant say that an anaconda is as afraid of a man as a man is afraid of him.

Here are some pictures from this crazy expedition:

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