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The farmer plants a banana and an egg in the hole he dug for tomato seeds. The method may appear unusual at first, but the results are remarkable. The first effects are visible a few days after planting. There are various advantages to employing this unorthodox planting approach.

The egg and banana that the man placed in the hole before digging it became popular online and spread throughout the world. Nearly 1.2 million people watched the video.

The weird video has gone viral online since its broadcast, with people trying to figure out the man’s objectives. Others believe he was simply intrigued to see what would happen, while others believe he was attempting to make a new type of banana and egg sandwich.

The man in the images is fertilizing his vegetables in an unorthodox manner. He drills a hole in the earth and inserts an uncooked egg and a banana in its shell.

He then plants tomato seedlings on top and covers them with soil. The vegetables grow more strongly and larger with this strategy.

The egg and banana will decay over time, releasing the alleged “magic nutrients” required by vegetable seeds. Instead of chemical fertilizers, which are harmful to the land, plants, and human health, the guy converted to a very efficient natural fertilizer that only required two ingredients.

He learned that the egg and banana combo is an excellent fertilizer for the veggies in the garden. This organic fertilizer is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than chemical fertilizers. It is also beneficial to our health to avoid harmful chemicals.

Consumers are at risk if food is contaminated with harmful compounds as a result of excessive fertilizer use. Chemical fertilizers can harm the soil and the plants that grow there, as well as the fruits and vegetables that grow there.

Finding the correct balance between using just enough fertilizer to promote healthy growth and not using too much can help safeguard the environment and people’s health.

Fertilizer chemicals have the ability to impair food flavor and potentially kill plants. Fertilizers can weaken plants and make them more susceptible to disease and pests, complicating plant growth and development.

Natural fertilizers exist in a variety of forms, so using them as often as possible is a good idea. Natural fertilizers that are inexpensive include ash, dung, and vegetable waste. The egg and banana combination exemplifies this perfectly.

The video of the process itself, in which the man in question employs the egg and banana combination, is shown below.

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