Unlock Your Destiny: The Karmic Chart Reveals Your Fate Based on Your Birth Year

Tibetans believe that the soul can be refreshed a total of nine times.

Thus, the soul imparts karmic hardships to man. Using Mewa atrophy, we may compute how many times the soul has reborn.

It is built on a nine-number system, with nine being the maximum number of reincarnations. Mewa can also tell you about your new existence on Earth.

You can also find out who your Mewa is. Simply select your birth year from the table below.

Wave 1
Character is anxious and pessimistic. You have the ability to adapt to any scenario. A trying childhood. Health has been slightly harmed.

Depressive tendencies and mood swings. Possessive, yet not overly romantic. Water-related activities are my occupation.

Wave 2
Friendly personality. A conventional mindset devoid of initiative. 45-47 years old is the ideal age.

When you’re in love, you pay close attention to your selected spouse. A life is neither affluent nor poor. Gambling may wreck your life. Occupation: working with people, environmental or agricultural labor.

Mewa 3
Independent and upbeat. You mature quickly. Talkative and sociable. A positive, tenacious mind. The ideal age range is 34-38 years.

Strong and active, with potential nervous system issues. Spend whatever you make as soon as possible. Musician, teacher, and writer are some of my jobs.

Mewa 4
Undecided and vulnerable, easily injured. The ideal age range is up to 38 years. Irritability first thing in the morning.

Maturation at a young age. Difficulties in forming long-term partnerships. Problems with starting a family. Public relations, wool manufacturing, and trading are my occupations.

Mewa 5
The man who goes to extremes. Ambitious or sluggish? Excellent resistance.

A strong desire for love. Unfortunate, but you manage to make up for it. Addiction to gambling.

Мewa 6
Spiritual, yet also active. A natural leader. The fear of failing. The ideal age is 40 years.

In love, the urge for conquest takes precedence. You are an astute and courageous businessman. Management and jurisprudence are my occupations.

Меwa 7
A believer. When you are not seen, you become upset. You want to be happy and free. After 40 years, there is still stability.

You’re hoping for a relationship that will liberate you. Choosing a spouse is critical. Teacher and dealer are two of my occupations.

Мewa 8
Character who is obstinate. You, as a conservative, frequently force your point of view. A solitary wolf.

Body that is strong and healthy. When you establish a family, you are loyal and faithful.

Mewa 9
Outward-facing. You are overly critical and have unrealistic expectations of others. You’re an idealist who despises material possessions. The average age is the most enjoyable.

In a relationship, attractive and full of affection. Possessive and envious. You enjoy private dreams.

You desperately need money, but you are not persistent enough. Artist, diplomat, actor, and writer are all examples of occupations.

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