What to do when your blood pressure rises

Learn the first 2-3 simple gestures before you call for help, or before you drive off (often with you at the wheel!) to the hospital emergency.

Once, that even there they won’t do anything else to you (as a FIRST STEP, I say!) then what you can do yourself from the beginning, instead of panicking.

Secondly, it can generate a vicious circle because of stress, fear, and the white coats around, so that – once in the hospital – the blood pressure rises even more, exclusively based on acute stress.

It’s also wrong to stay with high blood pressure (instead of doing something yourself) until the ambulance comes. You waste time.

Another argument not to start with the rescue: at the hospital there are bigger emergencies than yours, you’ll be waiting in the corridor on a chair, and you’ll be worse off, maybe even worse, etc.

So, what do you do when your blood pressure rises:
You sit calmly in your armchair and swallow a Furosemide + ½ Xanax 0.5 mg (for example). But if you have another painkiller than Xanax around the house, it’s ok. Then place either a 50 mg Captopril or a Nifedipine under your tongue and let the tablet dissolve there, under your tongue. Have them ready, for situations like this.

The tablet will be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream (placed like this), faster than if you swallow it and pass it through the stomach. The tablet under your tongue will get smaller and smaller as it dissolves. Don’t spit it out, of course, wait for it to dissolve completely.

Then drink a warm, soothing tea. Recommended: lime.

Measure your blood pressure only half an hour after starting these manoeuvres. Not desperate, anxious, minute by minute, as in intensive care monitoring during open heart surgery.

No drama! Be calm. You’ll do better and more efficiently on your own, than with the rescue, in this one-off case.

Heeey! Well, only when you hear the siren go off, and you see two people running towards your door with a stretcher, the neighbors all out of their houses curious about what happened to you, and your blood pressure monitor goes off. Stress. Believe me!

(PS. It wouldn’t hurt to have some metoprolol 50 mg in the house, if you have palpitations and a fast heartbeat. Swallow one. Often, it’s enough to make it go away.)

Nobody says treat yourself. Neither avoiding doctors nor Googling yourself. What I’ve tried to do on this blog is just to reveal some common sense reactions, (seemingly small but actually very effective), when something changes in your body. Something that’s not an emergency that justifies crowding hospitals, rescues, and especially your mind.

Regular consumption of hawthorn teas can help, as well as turmeric powder.

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