What was the first thing you saw?

We all have to take tests in life, whether we like it or not. Some of the tests are mandatory, such as those we take at school but others may be done for fun or perhaps to reveal something about ourselves.

This includes a type of test that many people enjoy taking. It is a personality test, and the Internet is full of them.

The principle behind most personality tests found online is relatively simple. You look at an object to see what your subconscious mind picks out first. That will tell you something about your personality.

This one takes things even further, and you will be amazed at what your mind can pick out from such a simple image.

1. Trees

You are an extroverted individual if you saw the trees or trunks when you first looked at the image. You try to be polite but you don’t let people push you around. Others are sensitive to your opinions and appreciate your input. Although you are surrounded by friends, not many of them are within arms reach.

2. Roots

Did you notice the roots first? Introverted people tend to do this. You don’t mind constructive criticism and you acknowledge your mistakes readily. When someone looks at you, you appear to be an ordinary individual without much going on in your life. After they get a look behind the scenes, however, they realize you have strength and wisdom.

3. Lips

Those who notice the lips first tend to be quiet people that live a simple life. You don’t like bogging things down in the minutia and you remain flexible with all you do. Sometimes you use your wisdom to your advantage and at other times, you don’t give anything much thought before you go head-on into it. You might feel vulnerable but you are actually very strong. That is why people will come to you for advice.

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