What You See First Will Tell You a Lot About How Others See You

In the 1900s, folks like Hermann Rorschach and Sigmund Freud used inkblot tests and symbols to figure out what was going on in their patients’ heads. They thought that what people see first in certain images could reveal things about their true feelings that they might not say outright. In many cases, this approach helped a lot of people, and it set the stage for modern psychology.

Fast forward to today, and the internet is full of illusions, inkblots, and psychological tests claiming to uncover hidden truths about us and how others see us. Take a look at the pictures below without reading the explanations, and think about what comes to mind first. Then, check out the explanations to see what they say about how others might see you. And remember, no cheating!

Did you see an explosion or a couple first?

If the explosion catches your attention, others see you as magnetic. You’re outgoing or at least social, thriving in the limelight. Yet, you might be quite critical of yourself. If you spotted a couple, you’re people-centric. You deeply value your relationships, prioritizing others’ happiness. Despite being quiet, your caring nature doesn’t go unnoticed.

Spotted lips, trees, or roots?

If you noticed lips, others see you as refreshingly straightforward. You’re not a mystery; what people see is what they get, and they appreciate your directness. If trees captured your attention, you’re perceived as someone who delves into deeper meanings. While you take things at face value, others recognize you as a thoughtful and empathetic individual with a knack for contemplating profound aspects.

If roots stood out to you, it indicates you struggle with accepting the world as it is. People recognize you as a revolutionary thinker who can see perspectives others might overlook. Your unique viewpoint makes you someone sought after for unconventional insights.

Did you spot a couple or a baby first?

Image Credit: Brightside

If you noticed a baby, you’re perceived as an introvert or someone who leans towards being a loner. You tend to be quiet, reserved, and hold an air of mystery that many find intriguing. If a couple caught your attention, others see you as a social individual with a kind and generous heart. Your friends and family appreciate you, knowing they can count on you when they need a supportive presence.

What did you see first? A duck or a rabbit?

Image Credit: Brightside

If a duck catches your eye, you give off an impression of being emotionally impulsive. You’re quick to express your feelings, sometimes appearing intense, but your passion shines through at other times. If a rabbit stands out to you, others see you as careful and cautious. You take a moment before reacting in almost every situation, approaching things with a high level of logic and a preference for considering all angles.

Have fun with more images below

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