When her boyfriend proposed, a young woman was so excited that she decided to pose with the ring and share the photo online.

Engagement is regarded to be one of the happiest times in a woman’s life. When her boyfriend proposed, a young woman was so overjoyed that she decided to pose with the ring and post the photo on the internet. What particular detail made everyone laugh?

This is the humiliating scenario that a young woman found herself in shortly after her partner proposed to her and offered her the engagement ring. The woman was so overjoyed that she posed with her long-awaited gem.

And, like any young lady wanting to brag to her friends and family, she stopped thinking and impulsively shared the photo on Facebook, expecting to be overwhelmed by congrats.

His euphoria was abruptly broken as negative messages began to arrive after others saw a not-so-pleasant detail.

The woman’s nails sparked a real riot.

The fact that the engagement ring was a little small did not surprise internet users, but rather the woman’s dirty nails, which caused them to make fun of themselves online.

“Aren’t you ashamed to appear with those nails?!” was only one of the messages received by the fiancée.

The young woman’s attempt to delete the image was in vain, as the image immediately became viral on Facebook and was seen by tens of thousands of people.

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