Why Elizabeth Montgomery Didn’t Wear a Bra in Late Bewitched Seasons

The famous TV show “Bewitched” had a notable shift in the costume choices of Elizabeth Montgomery, the primary character, in its final seasons. In multiple episodes, Montgomery’s character Samantha Stephens defied the prevailing fashion standards by refusing to wear a bra. Although spectators may have objected to Montgomery’s break from tradition, there were both pragmatic and creative justifications for her choice.

For Montgomery, not wearing a bra was not just a question of taste; rather, it was a conscious creative decision worked out in conjunction with the show’s producers and costume designers. Samantha’s character on “Bewitched” grew more closely linked to ideas of empowerment and emancipation as the show progressed and reached its latter seasons, reflecting the shifting societal mores of the time. In defying conventional ideas of femininity and embracing a more natural and carefree look, Montgomery chose to go braless in an attempt to capture Samantha’s self-assured and free-spirited personality.

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