Wife gives birth after husband goes into a coma – what she does the next day it’s unbelievable

Wife gives birth after husband goes into a coma – what she does the next day it’s unbelievable.

Having kids is such a blessing. Parents-to-be feel so many emotions until the big day and if you have been there, you know the feeling of impatience and you just count the days to the delivery date and meanwhile making sure that everything is perfect, thinking about names, room design, and the way you will hold the tiny baby in the arms. Everyone likes miracles. If you don’t believe in miracles yet, we recommend you read the following story till the end.

29-year-old mother-to-be Charlene Pope couldn’t believe her ears when her beloved partner suffered a horrible motorcycle accident. He went into a coma when she was pregnant for 38 weeks. The doctors didn’t tell her all the details about her boyfriend’s condition because they didn’t want her to worry and stress as that might produce pregnancy complications. James Spence suffered brain damage and the doctors didn’t give him many chances.

After Charlene gave birth to a healthy and handsome little boy, she decided that it would be a good idea to take little Carter to his father, because who knows what happens the next day. So after she gave birth at 2 AM, on the same day at 3 PM she took her newborn baby to meet his dad.

The most interesting part is that after just two days, James woke up from a coma and started to recover from that terrible accident. The doctors and family believe that Carter was the reason he woke up and now they believe in miracles. It may not sound rational at all but we all know that the power of love can fix and heal!

Do you believe in such miracles? Make sure you share Charlene & James’ beautiful love story!

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