Woman not allowed to board her flight due to ‘revealing’ outfit – when she explains her reason, it’s even more bizarre

People are occasionally kicked off flights for breaking airline regulations. This young woman was really angry when she was told she couldn’t board the plane. She later described how angry she was and the reason behind the place’s refusal to let her in.

To learn more about what specifically transpired, continue reading.

Brazilian model and cosplayer Kine-Chan is well-known on the internet for her imaginative appearances. She gives her costumes a great deal of care and effort. Chan chose to dress up as Rebecca this time, an anime character from the show Cyberpunk:

She had to wear a blue wig, black sandals, and a black bikini as part of the outfit. She then made the decision to dress alike and head to the airport to catch her flight. Sadly, though, things did not turn out as she had hoped.

She was being prevented from boarding her flight by airline employees at Brazil’s Navegantes Airport. She was being stopped, per the crew, for boarding the aircraft while wearing “inappropriate” attire.

The 21-year-old then vented her frustration with the whole thing on Instagram. She described what occurred to her in a lengthy piece that she uploaded in Portuguese.

This past weekend, “a very annoying situation happened,” she stated. “I attempted to board at the airport in Navegantes while wearing Rebecca’s cosplay for a function. I prepared for the possibility that I would be late by dressing quickly so I could head straight to my room. However, I was informed that the outfit I was wearing was not “appropriate,” so I was advised to go home and change.

Naturally, a lot of her supporters shared their opinions on what they believed had happened to her. Some were more sympathetic to Kine-Chan, while others sided with the airline employees. “I love you, Kine, but you could have worn an easy pull-up outfit, like a falling dress or even a button-down blouse,” commented one commenter.

Naturally, this is a simple fix for anyone who wants to dress up as a bikini for a costume but knows they won’t have enough time to change. Many ladies choose to layer a dress over a bikini to save time when getting dressed.

This statement, “It’s truly disappointing to find out the airport barred you, a talented artist, because of a cosplay as incredible as Rebecca’s,” was not shared by everyone, though. Another commenter stated, “We should always support and value freedom of expression and creativity.

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