You have the eyes of a marksman if you can spot the owl in the tree in 5 seconds!

Optical Illusion Vision Test: Test your visual skill level by spotting an owl hidden in the tree in 5 seconds. Attempt now!

Optical illusions are visual images that are created so that they can fool our brains. They are also called visual illusions and are often used as simple intelligence tests in pop culture.

According to research, optical illusions can help in improving concentration and attention span, thereby helping in preventing cognitive decline in older age.

Do you have top notch visual skills?

Let’s find out now!

Optical Illusion Vision Test: Find Owl in the Tree in 5 Seconds

Source: Getty

In the image shared above, an owl seems to have camouflaged perfectly with its surroundings.

The challenge for the readers is to spot the hidden owl in the tree in 7 seconds.

It is not easy to spot it at first glance.

This challenge is a simple test of your visual skills.

Your time starts now!

Check the image carefully.

Have you spotted the owl?

People with the best visual skills will be able to find the owl faster than others.

Time is running out.

Look attentively at the image, the owl is right there.

Hurry up; the clock is ticking.


Time’s up.

Stop looking now.

A huge round of applause for those readers who have managed to spot the owl in the tree within the time limit.

You have excellent observation skills.

Those who couldn’t find the owl can now check out the solution below.

Find Owl in 5 Seconds: Solution
The owl can be seen right at the centre of the image between the hole in the tree, blending perfectly with the tree and bark.

I hope you loved this optical illusion challenge!

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